I have very little electronics knowledge, but I do know what end of a soldering iron to hold, and which way around a diode goes. But as a self-confessed tinkerer, fixer, experimenter and gadget freak, with decades of coding experience, it was only a matter of time before I crossed paths with Arduino, or its fruit-based cousin. Yesterday, with a new Arduino Nano firmly planted in my breadboard, I had that LED blinking. Not just the on-board one either, oh no, I’m talking a proper, red, 3mm LED, with a pull-up resistor and everything! (Or is it pull-down, I can’t remember?). This could be a lot of fun.

This site, I hope, will be a record of a journey. It won’t be pretty. There will be mistakes. I bear no responsibility for any injury you might incur from following any instructions you might read in these pages. I will however, try to illuminate, literally, and metaphorically.

You’re very welcome to keep me company…